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“Overcoming Objections in Sales – “I’m not interested”. How do you handle this sales objection like a pro at the early stages of discovery, when you’ve called a potential customer. For more guidance read our article:… In sales, “”I’m not interested”” is one of the most disheartening sales objections you can hear. So, what persuasion techniques can you use to turn the conversation round and even set up a meeting at the end of the phone call? In this series, we run through the conversation and sales strategies you can use to overcome objections in sales you frequently hear. This video focuses on one sales objection: “”I’m not interested””. We focus in particular about what to do when you hear this sales objection during the early stages of discovery—essentially, when you’ve only just got through to someone and started talking about the reason you’ve called. If you can overcome this sales objection consistently, it could be life-changing and help you close even more sales you otherwise would have lost. You’ll take a big step towards: – Building a rapport with your lead – Qualifying them – And exploring a business opportunity together. Handling this objection is one of the key closing techniques to perfect early in the sales process. We’ll help you do that with this video, which includes many follow-up questions and concerns the prospect might have. You may even close a sale you would have lost otherwise.