You have an amazing business idea; we have the resources; together we become the powerhouse of performance and results.

Leverage our stellar support and services to devising a favorable environment for innovation and growth. Whatever you want to do in your business, we are by your side, allowing you to spot and seize new opportunities as they come along. Our goal is to enable you to improve, thrive and crush your market through our network of experts, practical mentoring and resources that maximize results.

Start Strong and Smart

We offer a strong product development support to our partners, developing solutions that conveniently bridge the gap between consumer needs and supply while staying unique. We guide businesses in coming up with smart products that can get quick, reliable and long-lasting results.

Explore The Possibilities

With senior level directors, managers, consultants, and founders in our network, we bring profound experience and insights to the table. We help you do better at what you are already doing by allowing you to leverage our decades of experience and intelligence and get phenomenal results.

Experience Steady Growth

We make sure that our partner companies are not merely sustaining, but they are growing. By using our market smart investment and decision making approach, and integrating it with your entrepreneurial ecosystem and technology, we accelerate your journey to become leaders in your business verticals.

Lucci Club Empowers Your Company with Everything It Needs To Excel

From coming up with unique marketing ideas to providing customer support, we never let you sail in troubled waters.

We don’t tell you how you should run your business; nor do we intend to.

We know that you are best at what you do. We simply enhance your canvas and show you the roadmap to new possibilities and opportunities. We empower you to explore the limits of what is possible and take the necessary action required to maximize the results.

What Do We Look For In The Company?

We look for companies that have the conviction to bring a transformative change in their industry. We prefer businesses that are disruptive and are making things easier, cheaper and quicker for an everyday man. Sports, communication, health, entertainment or technology, it does not matter which niche you are working in, as long as it is making lives better, we are in!

Originality in Ideas

We prefer companies that are bringing original ideas forward, ideas that are extensively reflected and are ready to be executed. We are not against business as usual, but we believe that by helping unique and new ideas to grow, we are playing our role in making this world a better place, every day.


Futuristic Vision

The world is changing rapidly than it ever did. We prefer working with companies that have a realization for this and are working towards creating a better future. Companies that are visionary and are ahead of their time always catch our attention.

Disrupting the Norms

We love companies that are fundamentally disrupting. Innovations that are massively affecting the way things are done in any domain get our attention immediately. If your idea or product raises eyebrows and solves a unique problem in any way, it is perhaps adequately disrupting, and we are interested!


Confidence in the Solution

We only work with amazingly excited, confident and determined people. We look for teams that have consistency in their vision and firmly believe in what they are doing. We need to feel a strong will towards the goal of the business and the passion for making it happen, no matter what.

Commitment to Innovation

We believe that success is in innovation because it paves the way for better and bigger avenues of progress. However, it should be separated from idealistic and utopian ideas. An innovative idea that is backed by real-life data and promises quantifiable results is one thing that cannot say no to.

Our Entrepreneurial Philosophy:

We Envision A Future That Is Safer, Healthier And More Value Driven Than Today.

For that, we need stronger and empowered communities. We, as a team of company builders, strive towards that by enhancing the capabilities, and investing in individuals, that have the vision, courage, and brains to bring about this change.

We understand that our vision is not easy to achieve; however, it is also not impossible. After all, where we are today, and the way we have evolved appeared to be impossible a few decades ago.

Our Goal Is To Empower Small And Medium Size Businesses And Prepare Them For The Rapidly Growing Gig Economy.

We firmly believe in bringing the change and are earnestly contributing our energies and resources for a better world in the future. We are on the lookout for individuals and teams who share our vision and values.

Since it’s a hard walk, only the strongest and the most passionate dare to take it, therefore, we make sure that we impart them stellar support and services, enabling them in creating better values for the community.

Your Success Is Our Success; Your Struggles Are Our Struggles, And Your Failure Is Our Failure.

How Do We Empower Businesses?

At Lucci Club, we invest in companies, businesses, and ideas that have the potential of transforming the future. We leverage our network and resources to help you improve and grow.

The selection process is rigorous, and we ensure that your model is worth the money of our qualified investors. If you satisfy our team members, you become one of us.

Therefore, once you are in our portfolio, we will make sure that you make the most of your potential.

Fund Raising:

We help our companies raise funding through multiple resources. We work with them extensively to improve their product and employ better strategies for raising the required seed funding.

We also make use of our network to help them connect with people of interest and importance.

Board Meetings:

Board Meetings are held to keep track of our companies. We put in a lot of work to help our partners identify what they might be missing.

Our team of expert shares their insights regarding where their energies and resources that should be focused on.

Support Ecosystem:

Our support ecosystem works great in keeping our companies motivated and lifted.

We support them with space, knowledge, expertise, connections, experience and an environment that inspires to achieve.

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